LowDef BabyPlayt Render

LowDef BabyPlayt Render

Spanning thousands of years, Playt's /plāt/ story puts the reader in the eyes of a red alien who uncontrollably flashes through time and space. Playt's only motivation is to find answers to his own existence, but the answers are not easy to find. Traveling to all reaches of space and time, Playt meets strange and interesting characters, many of which want him dead. Within him, a monster taunts his soul. Another voice within soothes him and gives him the strength to keep searching for answers. Who was he before he became Playt?

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In order to understand Playt you must understand Flickering, the act of disappearing from one place, and reappearing in another random place in space time. This ability is a part of him, both a blessing and a curse, sending him through the universe and through time where he meets up with himself and even creatures stranger than him. He cannot control when he flickers, nor where he goes. At least not at first.



Playt's Council

There are seven main forms of Playt. The following list is in chronological order.

  1. Baby Playt
  2. Kid Playt
  3. Teen Playt
  4. Fat Playt
  5. Red Playt
  6. Warrior Playt
  7. Old Playt


Warrior Playt

In addition, Red Playt splits and spreads himself throughout time and creates thousands of other Playts which remain categorized as Fragments. Playt's Ghost is also considered a Fragment.

Playt's PlatesEdit

Playt's Plates was an attempt at a Flash game, that was never truly finished and remains a playable beta game as of now. There has been talk of making it into an app for Android in the near future.

Playt EP: Sounds of Insanity (unreleased)Edit

Much of this CD has already been completed, but through time the songs have become tucked away and hidden from the public. Tracks such as Big Bag, Cats and Birds, or the Frog Song. More information to come in the near future.

Book of PlaytEdit


Cover Art

The book of Playt was publicly released in rough draft form, published through Smashwords and Amazon in October of 2012. It was released at $0.99, but has since been released in PDF form for free, as well as given a price of $0 on Smashwords and all of their affiliates. This is the first of a trilogy known as the Lys Trilogy.


Playt's Council is the main website for Playt and currently stands as the home for all things involving the Lys  dimension. It is scheduled to be updated in the near future, but is in danger of being removed due to lack of funds.

UPDATE: Website has been down for some time. My list of files remain backed up, and may return soon. I apologize for the inconvenience.

  • Baby Playt
  • Kid Playt (Rebecca Miller)
  • Teen Playt
  • Fat Playt
  • Red Playt
  • Blue Leaves
  • Old Playt