Lysandus was found by Dirrinni's family. He was crying and wrapped in a hat on their doorstep. He was raised by Rewncold and thinks of Dirrinni as a brother. All his life he has known that there was something bigger out there, waiting for him. His life changed dramatically when he was dared to go into a supposedly abandoned house.


Lysandus was born on Fahlls, to Ophelia and Ghester. It was during a time of much chaos, in the midst of an invasion. Him and his family travelled to Dussyllia for shelter, and to establish a colony in hopes of taking back their planet.

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Kid Lysandus, Dirinni, and Orsidium in front of Vorble.


Lysandus was raised by a man named Rewncold, neighbor and good friend to his father Ghester. Rewncold's son Dirrinni became his brother, and his best friend. Lysandus discovered through Rewncold that he had the power of fusion. He befriended Orisidium, a bully who could not beat him up. Rewncold gives Lysandus and his brother mystic pets. To Lysandus went a six-legged monkey named June, and Dirrinni was given a six-legged cat named Mitsy. Together with Orisium they go on many adventures, climaxing when they topple an entire organization by infiltrating a tower and saving a classmate who Lysandus has a crush on. She tells on them, and they are sent to a place of underage confinement.


After being sent to a disciplinary school with Orsidium and Dirrinni, Lysandus graduates to a teenager who has been through a lot, and when he sees Rewncold again he is sent on a pilgrimage, given back June. This is when Lysandus begins to find his true self, and starts to wear his lucky hat, a gift that was found with his basket as a baby. 

Lysandus as a teenager